The January 1st Sparkle

/The January 1st Sparkle

The January 1st Sparkle

Everything sparkles. The champagne, the desserts, the sequin dress you purchased specifically for this event. You’re all dressed up. You have a kiss planned at midnight or you don’t. You might just be leaving it up to chance. Maybe you’ll meet a special someone at the party? Or not. Maybe you’re kicking off the new year by being [insert salutation] Independent and not letting anybody get in your way. You’ve been looking forward to this night for so long. Perhaps since this time last year? When you woke after having drank too much, kissed one too many blurred faces and with pizza crusts all over your bed reminding yourself that this year would be different…

You arrive at the party, feeling and looking fabulous. Everyone’s all glammed up, smartphones are out, pictures are taken and drinks are flowing. 11:30 peaks around the corner and the whole room starts getting febrile. Only half an hour to go…Pour some more champagne, scan the crowd to find your friends and turn on the countdown! 20 minutes left! Hurry to the washroom, grab an hors-d’oeuvre (after all, you do need something in your stomach if you don’t want a repeat of last year’s first day)…10 minutes left! Get the fancy bottle of bubbly from the fridge, round up your friends, prepare your camera for the in-action shot of the night and get closer to the TV.

10 – 9 – 8

This is it. The closing of a chapter…

7 – 6 – 5

And the start of a new one…You’re ready for this…

4 – 3 – 2 – 1

Sparklers are being lit up and the pops of bottles can be heard for miles around. Success! We made it through another year! You can feel it, this year will be so different! The excitement can be felt across the room…& then you wake up. With difficulty due to that pounding headache. You’re parched. You glance around the room in search of water but stop yourself, noticing that box of pizza in the corner – s#!t

New Years Resolutions

When you think about it, January 1st is just like the Monday of a big and long week (see year) ahead of us. & everybody hates Mondays so why is January 1st so exciting?

We write resolutions down, tell our friends about them and ask our family to help us hold ourselves accountable. We look back at the year we just had, with a smile and a sense of semi-accomplishment but then, quickly,  turn our heads forward with anticipation and overwhelming feelings of going big, doing it all in the upcoming year. How many times have you heard yourself say: “This year will be the year; This year will be different!” & before you know it, you reach Month 12. You look back at the year you just had and you smile, feeling like you semi-accomplished everything you wanted to…

Month 1 of 12:

Gym is crowded
Google sees a surge in ”healthy recipes” & ”no carb meal ideas”
Budget apps are being downloaded
We vow to stop procrastinating

We make them. We rarely hold on to them. We’ve all seen the New Year New Me phenomenon happen.

Month 2 rolls in and already we are drifting away from those resolutions. The sparklers are slowly starting to fade and we are easing ourselves back into that comfortable cocoon known as our cozy little routine.

Change it up!

What if, instead of setting ourselves up for failure we gave it our best shot and put all chances on our side to succeed ?

What if, instead of feeling content in having semi-accomplished our big goal for the year, we ensured our success by setting multiple smaller more realistic goals throughout the year?

What if, instead of waiting on the New Year New Me, we challenged ourselves on a weekly or even on a daily basis?

Give yourself a fighting chance! Nobody ever ran a marathon without having ran a 5K first!

So on the night of December 31st, let yourself have fun! You deserve it! Don’t think too much about the future or the year ahead of you. Instead look back, reminisce and be happy with everything you’ve learned. Enjoy the present moment. Indulge. Celebrate!

& if you do wake up the next day with last night’s outfit on, with a pounding headache and a pizza box in the corner of your bedroom, don’t feel bad! Tomorrow is a brand new day.


The sparkler is not infinite but it’s beautiful while it lasts.
Shine on! Cheers! & Happy New Year !


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